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In the Supreme category you will find vehicles of the upper and luxury class, whose exceptional design, noble interior and generous space will make the heart of every automobile lover beat faster. These flagships of modern vehicle construction expertise set standards as technological pioneers. Equipped with the latest technologies, they ensure a high level of safety, comfort and driving dynamics. As soon as you have found the road cruiser you love you get in touch with us and we will be happy to prepare an amazing leasing offer for you.

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Supreme class vehicles feature innovative high-end technologies for outstanding driving comfort. Numerous assistants live in the cockpit, managing the set speed, actively maintaining the lane or even suggesting breaks, for example. The automatic lane change and turning assistance system uses sophisticated sensor technology to monitor traffic. It alerts about critical lane changes and helps avoid accidents. If you wish, the distance control system automatically regulates the distance to the vehicle in front of you and brakes gently if the vehicle reduces it's speed. If necessary, the system can brake independently up to a standstill and accelerate again when the journey continues. This guarantees plenty of relaxation, especially on long motorway journeys. No matter which brand and model you choose, we will take care of a tailor-made leasing and provide you with the best offers.

Masseur on board

An outstanding highlight of the Supreme class vehicles are the amenities offered by the interior. After a stressful day at work, with one meeting following the next, relaxation begins the minute you enter the car. As immediately as you close the vehicle door, the noisy world around you disappears thanks to excellent sound insulation, so you can make yourself comfortable in the ergonomically perfected leather seats. The countless massage programs, which are currently experiencing hype and are a particularly popular feature, ensure that you can let go of the day's worries while you're driving home. You arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy the evening with your family. You don't have to worry about financing either, thanks to LeaseForce's great leasing deals.

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