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Being environmentally conscious and still mobile is not necessarily a contradiction in terms. Be it with our leasing offers for the clean electric car, the hybrid with the smart drive or the natural gas vehicle with the low fuel costs, we are happy to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Simply tell us which nature boy you want to set your heart on and we will calculate the perfect leasing offer to fulfill your ecological car dream.

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Leasing lets you bypass the high acquisition costs of electric cars easily by offering fixed usage rates that can optimally be integrated into your financial planning. You don't have to worry about the depreciation of the vehicle either, because at the end of your leasing contract you can choose a new model or a different environmentally friendly car. In fact, electric cars score with many advantages. By comparison, they produce only about 30% of the CO2 emissions of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine and are generally up to 50% cheaper to run. When powered by electricity from renewable sources, e-cars dramatically improve the environmental balance sheet and may become everyday heroes in times of global warming. Yet another positive feature, which especially pleases residents living near main roads, is their welcome quietness, which allows them to glide smoothly through the streets.

There are two hearts beating in his chest

The majority of hybrid vehicles incorporate an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. A hybrid car helps you protect the environment and at the same time you benefit from a mature technology that does not compromise on performance. On the contrary, the electric motor gives you up to 20% more power. The high torque of the electric motor enables the hybrid to accelerate faster than diesel and gasoline cars. As a result, despite its fuel efficiency, the hybrid boasts about great efficiency and impressive driving dynamics. In addition to conventional fuel, however, hybrids can also be powered by gas instead of electricity. A gasoline/natural gas hybrid has a separate tank each for gasoline and natural gas and can run on either fuel. If you' ve already discovered your favorite hybrid, thanks to leasing with LeaseForce you can soon hit the ground running with an optimized environmental footprint.

Environmental-friendly drive with a future

The electric hybrid has the two drive systems working together intelligently. The surplus power of the combustion engine is stored as electrical energy in a battery. Simultaneously, the energy released during braking recharges the battery. When the hybrid vehicle's battery power decreases, the electric motor turns into a generator. This enables the battery to recharge while driving in combustion mode. It' s a clear win-win situation! Plus, if your hybrid is a plug-in hybrid, you can charge it at the nearest outlet, just like your cell phone. Since an electric motor is installed, a hybrid car usually has a smaller combustion engine with lower power and lower consumption.

A perfect choice for the city

Due to best CO2 emission values, cars with electric hybrid drive represent a real alternative for the future, especially in cities and metropolitan areas. Long-distance drivers, on the other hand, who primarily travel on the highway, can barely take advantage of the electric hybrid and might be better off with a natural gas hybrid. However, in heavy, stop-&-go city traffic with frequently varying speeds, the complete range of advantages of the electric hybrid can be enjoyed. And you don't even need to think twice about finding charging stations, because full hybrids recharge themselves while driving and don't need to be charged externally.

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Preserves the environment while saving money

The slightly higher cost of natural gas cars over conventionally powered ones is soon made up for by lower fuel costs. As an environmentally friendly fuel, natural gas is tax-privileged. In comparison to petrol and diesel, natural gas is relatively clean-burning and emits hardly any nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. The carbon emissions are also significantly lower. Savings are really noticeable when it comes to vehicle tax, which depends on the pollutant class and takes into account not only the engine capacity but also the CO2 emissions. As these are very low in the case of natural gas cars, savings can be up to 30% depending on the model. Moreover, many insurers offer more favourable rates for natural gas cars.