Relaxing vibes in your
ideal car for city driving...

Relaxing vibes in your ideal car for city driving...

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Small, medium or very large - the most important point is that your leasing fits!

Would you prefer a sleek compact car, a spacious mid-size or a large van? Once you have found the vehicle that best suits your needs, we will be happy to offer you an attractive leasing deal for the car of your choice. Whether you need a car ideally suited for city driving that fits into the smallest parking lot or are interested in the big variety of mid-size cars available on the market, we’re here to help, and will offer financing options that will make you happy. We welcome both new and used cars, and will be glad to meet your needs.

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Small but beautiful

Small cars are the absolute heroes in city traffic and are very much in vogue. In addition, they are often real eye-catchers despite their comparatively low purchase price. Especially in congested areas, the small, agile speedsters can spare your nerves, as they can still fit into gaps that many others desperately have to pass. What's more, they can easily keep up with their big siblings these days if desired, and can be equipped with convenient technology such as a driver assistance system, navigation system, etc. They also promise lower fuel consumption because they are inherently lighter and therefore require less energy to accelerate and move. Just let us know which small and agile companion your heart beats for and we will be happy to submit you an attractive leasing offer.

Your reliable and true companion

The mid-size car sector is characterized by an enormous choice. Most manufacturers usually have several mid-range models in their portfolio and some are specialized in this segment. Midsize cars are particularly popular for their robustness and are characterized by their qualitative equipment. They score with different equipment variants and can be individually configured as required. With the wide selection available on the market, there is certainly a suitable vehicle for every budget. This car segment stands out not only for its comfort and quality, but also for its very good price-performance ratio. Fully depending on your needs, you can choose between a compact car, sedan, station wagon or SUV. Your personalized leasing offer will complete your happiness and in no time you will be sitting in the car of your choice.

Plenty of space for your wishes

In case you need something bigger, we offer compelling leasing solutions for transporters & vans of all kinds. You can finance with us all delivery vans and box vans in various designs and sizes, which are passenger car-based and have a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tons. You can enjoy large transport capacities and comfortable vehicles providing reliable support for your projects despite low usage costs. Depending on the intended use, requirements for the equipment and functionality of a van can vary greatly. Once you have found the transporter / van that exactly matches your expectations, we will be happy to provide you with a customised leasing offer for the desired term.

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