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Welcome to LeaseForce AG

LeaseForce is an independent leasing company offering customised leasing, EasyKauf and Safe4You solutions across the Swiss market. Since many years our team of experienced car leasing consultants works closely with car dealers and private & commercial customers from all sectors. We have long-lasting business relationships with car traders and particularly focus on competent, individual and personal services.

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We offer attractive leasing, EasyKauf and Safe4You solutions to your customers and guarantee fast and easy handling. Customers and partners greatly benefit from our in-house developed high-performance handling software and optimised interfaces and processes. Collaborating with us means flexibility and independence for our partners. Furthermore, you can integrate our leasing calculator to your website and offer your customers even more service. Our dealer portal offers extensive administrative functionality allowing our partners to respond quickly to their customers’ requests.

Leasing, EasyKauf & Safe4You for our customers

Enjoy long-term financial planning security and maximum flexibility. Benefit from our top leasing offers and attractive EasyKauf conditions. No matter if, you need a private vehicle for yourself or, as a commercial customer, want to provide your employees with a fleet, vehicles are always an expensive investment. Better, preserve your own capital and gain financial freedom with our transparent leasing and financing concepts.

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Flexible leasing & financing solutions according to your needs

Leasing and financing for new and used cars of all brands and models
All brands & models

Interesting leasing and financing solutions for all brands, models, new and used cars. Whether you are interested in cars, vans, motorbikes or e-bikes, we have a tailored leasing, EasyKauf or Safe4You offer that suits your needs.

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Fair leasing deals

Because of lean administrative structures and processes optimised through in-house developed software, we succeed in offering leasing, EasyKauf or Safe4You at fair prices and excellent conditions.

Prompt offers and processing of leasing requests
Fast handling

We place particular emphasis on simple handling, rapid feedback, quick approval and fast payment to our partners. To ensure a smooth workflow, we are continuously developing our in-house software and optimising our interfaces to dealers and customers.

Online management for partners and customers
Online management

We provide our partners with applications tailored to their needs. Thus, they easily can create and submit offers online. Our customers have the possibility to view contract information and perform administrative changes through their online account.

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