We are looking
for you...

We are looking
for you...

Welcome to LeaseForce!




Inspire yourself and us...

…as a creator, visionary and high performer with team spirit.

People who work at LeaseForce are part of our vision and share their ideas and perceptions. Courageous decisions, positive team spirit and the right drive unite us and make us successful.

Our interactions with colleagues and clients are characterised by a sense of collegiality and fairness. Our customers come from a wide range of industries and trust in us, knowing that we understand their needs. We listen carefully to our customers and show our appreciation through individually optimised leasing and financing solutions. Our value proposition is to strengthen our clients’ business models.

We are looking for employees who put themselves in the customer’s shoes, analyse their requirements and sometimes think outside the box to achieve the best results. Off-the-shelf offers are not our business, since we want to generate measurable added value for our customers.

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Career changers are very welcome! Your commitment and competence count!

If you are interested in leasing and financing but do not have the required training, take heart! We look forward to receiving your application. People with a solid education who share our values, show full commitment and give a strong hand are always welcome. We will manage the rest together!


Icon interesting tasks at LeaseForce

Interesting tasks in the leasing area

Icon highly motivated team and teamwork at LeaseForce AG

Working in a highly motivated team

Icon professional development at LeaseForce AG

Very good career development opportunities

Icon work-life balance at LeaseForce AG

Healthy work-life balance

Icon ergonomically optimised workstations at LeaseForce AG

Home office (sales staff)

Job offers

We have no vacancies at the moment..

Our application process

Icon Application at LeaseForce
Application for a vacancy or spontaneous application

Start your career at LeaseForce AG with a meaningful application to one of our current vacancies, specifying the next possible starting date and your salary expectations. Alternatively, you are wellcome to send us an initiative application. When applying proactively for a job, you should make particular reference to company divisions and fields of activity that are suitable for you in your cover letter.

Icon Invitation to the job interview
Interview invitation

If your qualifications are a very good match for the advertised position, we will invite you for an interview. Now, you have the opportunity to score with your personality and at the same time learn more about us and our company. In this conversation, which lasts about one hour, we pay attention to a good balance of communication that allows both sides to get to know each other.

Icon second interview at LeaseForce
Second interview

Once the initial interview has been completed successfully, you will be invited to a second interview as soon as possible. Besides the negotiation of concrete framework conditions and contractual terms, open questions on your and our part can be clarified in this conversation. You will also get to know your superiors and possibly other colleagues.

After each meeting, you will get timely feedback by phone or email. Provided there is still mutual interest in future cooperation after the last interview, we will be pleased to welcome you to our team very soon.