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If you would like to stick loger with one car and want the car to be yours in the end, we recommend our EasyKauf financing. Usually, vehicles are a costly investment and especially when you opt for cash purchase you tie up a lot of liquidity as you are obliged to do all payment in one swoop. Why not choose the easy way by enjoying all the benefits of our EasyKauf? EasyKauf is a convenient financing option that allows you to pay off your car in instalments over a longer period. Thus, your cash reserves stay untouched. In addition to this we offer flexible contract terms and instalments that best suit your current situation and preferences. It is totally up to you, weather you make a down payment or not. The increased final instalment is optional as well.

EasyKauf comes with fixed instalments that make your financial planning safe and transparent. No surprises: You always keep control of your monthly expenses. By conserving your own capital, you improve your rating with your bank and get loans for other projects more easily.

We finance independently of brand and manufacturer and your customised EasyKauf options will be tailored to your personal needs. No matter whether you discover your favorite car among the newly launched models or whether you pick a used one, the choice is all yours and we will be happy to finance it.

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Choose your vehicle wherever you like and contact us for an EasyKauf offer. Let us know your favourite – including design, equipment and manufacturer, whatever vehicle you need.

Direct leasing and financing advice

Our financing options are designed to meet your needs. We offer leasing solutions that make you feel comfortable and secure.

Leasing and financing for different types of vehicles

Within a short time, you will be able to use the desired vehicle at plannable and individual EasyKauf conditions.

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We provide financial leeway

EasyKauf = your “EasyBuy” for new & used cars, all brands & models

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