Fast & simple leasing &
EasyKauf for your clients...

Fast & simple leasing & EasyKauf for your clients...

Enjoy a reliable financing partnership

Fast handling & payment I rapid approvals I high-performance online portal for dealers

Boost your new & used cars sales with leasing & EasyKauf

As a company with extensive expertise in vehicle trade, we offer beneficial leasing & EasyKauf concepts for new and used cars. Simply sell the vehicle your client desires to us and gain a reliable leasing or financing partner for your customer. Specialised in leasing & EasyKauf of vehicles, we can provide you with tailor-made services whether your client is a private customer, self-employed, freelancer, small business or a company with its own fleet. With Leasing and EasyKauf, you increase the variety of choice for your customers, as vehicles are always an expensive investment and not every customer can decide on the car they actually want. Having a flexible financing partner by your side allows your customer to choose the car of their dreams worry-free and simply integrate the car’s use or financing in their financial planning. Our independence from banks, manufacturers and brands gives you and your customers maximum flexibility.

Enjoy our fair terms and conditions and the possibility of commission profits. You will be supported directly by experienced experts in leasing / EasyKauf providing you with detailed personal advice. Your clients will greatly benefit from our flexible terms, residual values and conditions.


LeaseForce - the reliable partner for Swiss car / vehicle dealers

100% service - 0% risk

Leasing / EasyKauf for new & used cars - all brands & models

We finance your customers' dream car

LeaseForce stands for simplicity, velocity and transparency

Rapid execution through optimal processes and interfaces

We focus on long-term satisfying customer and partner relationships. We gladly invest in our processes and rely on self-developed handling and partner software. This philosophy enables us to react flexibly and quickly to current & future requirements & wishes and to offer you a service that will delight you in the long term.

Calculate leasing & EasyKauf prices immediately with our calculator

We will be happy to give you access to our leasing calculator. For more flexibility, you are welcome to embed our calculator to your website. The advantage is obvious: you will be able to calculate immediately on the spot leasing instalments for your customer’s dream car / vehicle without any annoying delays. No one wants to wait when making such an emotional decision! After all, we can very well relate to the passion for cars.

The client is king - we always get back to you quickly

Commitment, fairness, innovation and flexibility are just a few of the values we adhere to with conviction. We want to satisfy our customers & partners and be proud of our work at the end of the day. Your loyalty and trust are our greatest praise. Fast response times are just as important to us as reliable and competent service.

In a flash your release or pay-out will arrive

We review requests thoroughly and yet quickly as our employees are old hands in the financing business with many years of profound expertise. Your customers and you will benefit from our experience and enjoy our fast approvals and pay-outs. After all, when the car you want is raring to go, every hour of waiting is a little agony for your customer.

We love short distances and direct connections

Car dealers immediately receive a leasing or EasyKauf offer without waiting time
Maximum consulting flexibility

Advise your customer as usual without any restrictions regarding brand or manufacturer.

Car dealers and partners have maximum flexibility in advising their customers
Immediate leasing / EasyKauf offer

With our software, you can instantly calculate online leasing or EasyKauf offers for your customers.

Submit your Leasing or EasyKauf application online to LeaseForce
Simply submit your leasing / EasyKauf request online

To ensure that your customer does not have to wait long for a response, simply submit the leasing / EasyKauf request online

LeaseForce reliable and fair partner for car dealers
Purchase & solid partnership

We acquire the vehicle while you and your customer gain a reliable leasing partner.