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Leasing deals, that will blow your mind

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Leasing is a convenient way to use a vehicle without tying up large sums of equity. You finance only the use of the vehicle, not the entire object, and are therefore cheaper compared to loan instalments.

Interest rate or rating changes do not affect your leasing rate even in the long term, as it remains unchanged over the entire leasing period even if interest rates rise in the market. The advantage for you is obvious: You can plan with fixed costs and have a secure calculation basis for your monthly expenses.

Our leasing services are independent of brand and manufacturer and we will provide you with a tailor-made offer for the car of your choice. Whether you discover the car of your dreams among the latest vehicle models or prefer a used favourite, just make your decision and we’ll provide the financing!

Once the leasing period has expired, you simply return the vehicle and can opt for a new one – so you always drive a as new vehicle, that offers you all the convenience and safety of modern technology. Simply put, the dream car that meets your needs and desires.

Saving your equity improves your rating with your bank and makes it easier for you to get loans for your other projects.

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