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We create,
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Bye, bye 2021 & welcome New Year


We look back on a successful year of supporting you in many of your projects. Your mobility was our priority number one with the usual LeaseForce way of working: transparent, fast and fair.

Functionality is key

In 2021, we put a lot of time and effort in the relaunch of our partner portal. Our mission was to assure that the dealer of your choice would be able to respond perfectly to your leasing needs in the future as well. Anyone who is familiar with us already knows that we are very committed to providing simple processing, prompt customer response and quick pay-out to our partners.

Thanks to our in-house development team, we are always able to react fast and with great flexibility to your current and future requirements and needs. We focus on lean automatized processes all the way from initially contacting the client to handing over the keys. By modelling and continuously refining a fluid workflow in our dealer portal, we were able to optimise our interfaces with garages and customers further in 2021.

As usual, your car dealer will calculate the leasing or EasyKauf offer for the vehicle of your choice immediately online and place the order directly if you wish. He will be pleased with an easy process-based handling and a lot of new functionality, ultimately benefiting you. Our brand new design, featuring our new corporate identity, adds the last touch to the overall experience. The submitted requests go through quickly and in no time at all, you are sitting in the vehicle of your choice ready to hit the road…

Vaccination without side effects

Partnership needs care… in good and bad times. Thanks to our time-limited campaign “LeaseForce Financial Vaccination”, we were able to provide some support to our dealer partners in Corona-plagued 2021 as a sign of our appreciation. We were very happy to see the campaign being well received and welcomed by our partners.

Bronze, silver or gold?

Here is one thing we can reveal about 2022: We are starting the year with a newcomer! It is square, metallic and will surprise you with a new retro design every year from now on: the LeaseForce Dealer Award. This is a small thank you to our more than 250 partners, which we hope will give them as much pleasure as the designing process gave us.

We look forward to an exciting 2022! Have a great start to the New Year!