We create,
financial flexibility...

We create,
financial flexibility...

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Welcome to LeaseForce: Auto Muki


Good things in store and on the license plate...

… the prestigious used cars from our new partner Auto Muki GmbH. As you can see, all the attractive cars from Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar to Audi & Co. have one thing in common: they carry our logo on the license plate.

However, that’s not all. Right behind the windshield, our price sheet holder shows the attractive conditions so that the customers of the popular garage from Lenzburg (AG) know right away: “ That works! It’ll be fine! There’s the accommodating LeaseForce AG Leasing here.”

High-quality used cars, demanding car fans, popular car dealers and LeaseForce – they simply belong together. Just like it is here with Auto Muki GmbH. Together with our partner, we are therefore looking forward to many happy customers – let’s get started, Auto Muki, let’s go!