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We create,
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Welcome at LeaseForce: Timeless Garage


Timeless Garage, welcome aboard!

Some things just never change: affordable and tasteful second-hand cars are never out of fashion, always in demand and therefore timeless. To be more precise: exciting pre-owned cars mean “Timeless Garage”. We are very pleased to welcome “Timeless Garage” as part of our extensive partner network.

Located in the picturesque village of Siebnen-Wangen (SZ), this popular car dealership welcomes customers to its modern showroom featuring an attractive selection of cars. Especially popular mid-range models await potential customers in the Timeless Garage: Audi, BMW… however, budget cars and city runabouts do not fall short.

Lovers will also often find youngtimers, such as the “Golfeins” model dating back to the wild 1970s. Nevertheless, “timeless” is not only the desire for high-quality cars, but also the desire for an accommodating lease for these vehicles. Which is where we come in. We help people to treat themselves to their favourite car by offering fair leasing and EasyKauf solutions.

That’s how we like it – and so we look forward to the collaboration with Timeless Garage and to serving lots of happy customers. A big thank you to Timeless Garage for co-operating with us and welcome to the team!