A warm welcome Auto OX

Fiery like a bull. Vehement as a bull. Strong as an ox… … with Auto OX, the customer has a free choice of high-quality cars. Whether it’s a fiery city runabout or a vehement sports car – all cars in the garage are as strong as an OX. With this in mind, we are particularly […]

Welcome to LeaseForce: Select Cars

Select Cars at Select Cars …is the motto for Aargau customers with a taste for luxury cars built by Ferrari, Porsche, Daimler & Co. This is hardly surprising, as the “Select Cars” garage in 5642 Mühlau (AG) totally deserves its name. Our pictures show it and the current line-up confirms it. Once the customers have […]

Welcome to LeaseForce: Autopark Root

Our partner Autopark Root isn’t called Autopark because of all the cars parked here. The reason behind its name is that the demanding flaneur in Root (LU) is presented with contemporary art. Modern masterpieces on 4 wheels. You are allowed to touch. You are welcome to take them home. The exhibits currently include the Ferrari […]

Welcome to LeaseForce: 2T Automobile

Friendly, inviting, big flags flapping in the breeze… …this is how our partner 2T Automobile presents itself. Easily accessible by car, the garage with its well-maintained mid-size and compact class cars invites you to linger. It’s a great place to visit: Take a look at the affordable used cars and, and get friendly advice just […]

Welcome to LeaseForce: Sihlbrugg GmbH

Bumper to bumper. Mirror to mirror… …this is how closely packed the classy cars are at our new partner Autocenter Sihlbrugg: where is the visitor supposed to look first? Well, the customers will certainly be happy to solve this “luxury problem” and will easily find their top-of-the-line car. Audi, Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW – the […]

Welcome to LeaseForce: ALKA Automobile

They’re waiting full of expectations… With their eyes (headlights) longingly fixed on the road: No doubt about it, the well-maintained cars of our new partner ALKA Automobile GmbH already scrape their wheels, after all, that’s where they belong, on the roads. As beautiful, young and fresh as they are, these vehicles would be far too […]

Welcome to LeaseForce: uniAuto

Barn cars? Not at all, on the contrary, shiny young used cars… … can be found “in the yard” at our new partner uniAuto AG. “Yard” – a fitting keyword, since the car experience at the garage from Münchwilen (TR) takes place in the setting of a traditional wooden barn. History’s charm is combined here […]

Welcome to LeaseForce Speed and Art

Beauty goes quickly. Beauty drives away quickly. And stays. That’s the difference between “walking” and “driving” – a difference particularly enjoyed by those who choose their dream car at our new partner Speed & Art AG. The beauty of automotive artworks never ” fades away”. To prove it, Speed & Art presents the highlights of […]

Welcome to LeaseForce: High Tech Colour

Vibrant colours, brilliant Occasions… HighTech Color, our new partner, has a lot to offer its many customers. The Winterthur-based specialist company enhances beautiful cars with sophisticated bodywork and interior services. All colours and variants of leather upholstery for the interior. For the exterior, they offer all colours and variations of spray paint – with their […]

Welcome to LeaseForce Garage Frohbühl

In place. Ready. Go! This is what it looks like at our new partner Garage Frohbühl GmbH: Over 50 beautiful cars are parked there, on the lot, already facing the road, ready to go – after all, this is where the cars are supposed to be. The car dealer from Wetzikon (ZH) additionally set up […]