We create,
financial flexibility...

We create,
financial flexibility...

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A warm welcome Auto OX


Fiery like a bull. Vehement as a bull.
Strong as an ox...

… with Auto OX, the customer has a free choice of high-quality cars. Whether it’s a fiery city runabout or a vehement sports car – all cars in the garage are as strong as an OX.

With this in mind, we are particularly pleased that the popular car dealer from Bösingen / Böösinge FR is now part of our dense partner network. Pure driving pleasure with the Nissan GTR38 V6 Biturbo, luxury with an AMG Mercedes, cruising with the BMW M550d, shopping with the Suzuki Splash…

All of these are great cars for great customers. Customers are certainly happy to be able to fulfil their car dreams directly with an accommodating LeaseForce AG Schweiz-Leasing or EasyKauf. Happy motorists, is the mission that unites Auto OX and LeaseForce AG from now on.

In this spirit: Welcome, Auto OX! – Lets go, let’s make customers happy together…