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We create,
financial flexibility...

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Welcome to LeaseForce: Wondercar


"Wondercar is Wonderbar"....

is how our new partner describes itself. But the garage from Neftenbach (ZH) is not exaggerating: this is not only due to the Wonderbar, which welcomes customers for coffee.

This is not only because of the Wonderbar, which welcomes customers for coffee, since guests are presented with a tasteful ambience that makes luxury cars as well as everyday models shine in their attractiveness. After all, buying is a matter for the eye, and at Wondercar, the visitor immediately feels invited and welcomed in a friendly manner.

The choice of cars is extensive – and whatever is not available, can often be quickly procured by the team around the owners Lars Dudler and Ismail Sar via the extensive network. The path to Wondercar often leads through the Wonderbar, where you can relax and talk about car dreams and dream cars over a good drink.

To ensure that the conversation doesn’t stop there, we are happy to provide financing for the customer’s favourite at short notice. While our fair leasing and flexible EasyPurchase may not make miracles come true, they certainly make Wondercars plannable. We certainly look forward to working together with Wondercar GmbH to inspire customers and fulfil sophisticated wishes.

In this sense: Welcome, Wondercar, to our partner network – and here’s to harmonious cooperation!

Wondercar can be found here: https://www.wondercar.ch