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We create,
financial flexibility...

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Welcome to LeaseForce: Resocar


Great choice. Great expertise. Big heart.

Both Resocar garages in Bulle and Montreux stand for big things. That’s great – And with that, we say a very hearty: Welcome aboard – to a good partnership with LeaseForce AG Switzerland.

1) Great choice
With Resocar offering customers an attractive and extensive range of all popular car brands, we are delighted with what has already been a successful partnership. Ranging from city runabouts to luxury class limousines, you will find it all. What you have to do is choose the car, put it in your shopping basket, get advice, decide – and then lease the model flexibly or buy it with EasyKauf. With us, if you like, of course.

2) Great expertise
Resocar offers a high-quality service for the care and maintenance of vehicles: regardless of whether it’s paint & bodywork, brakes, air conditioning, tyres or interior – these experts will keep your car in perfect condition.

3) Big heart
Our partner opens up the first and often the second chance in life to people. Individuals with challenging CVs become part of the team, gain competence and self-confidence.

This is great, and makes our partnership all the more beautiful: so, Resocar, once again, a warm welcome! – https://resocar.ch