We create,
financial flexibility...

We create,
financial flexibility...

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Welcome to LeaseForce Speed and Art


Beauty goes quickly.
Beauty drives away quickly. And stays.

That’s the difference between “walking” and “driving” – a difference particularly enjoyed by those who choose their dream car at our new partner Speed & Art AG. The beauty of automotive artworks never ” fades away”. To prove it, Speed & Art presents the highlights of automotive history and of contemporary automotive art in the style of a gallery. Its showroom is minimalist, so that the exquisite “exhibits” are given special prominence. Which they do: www.speedandart.ch

The 1980 Porsche 911, for example, sits alongside Ferrari models from different eras of the company’s history. Moreover, there is a particularly large selection of current luxury racers. No matter whether SUV, roadster, convertible, coupé – you will find whatever delights the car connoisseur.
We believe that so much elegance simply is meant for the road – and thus should be part of LeaseForce Leasing or LeaseForce EasyKauf.

At the same time, our financing for Speed & Art AG customers is as individual and fast as the sports cars from Zuffenhausen, Maranello, Sant’Agata Bolognese… We look forward to fulfill many car dreams in cooperation with Speed & Art.

Welcome as a LeaseForce AG partner!