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15 years LeaseForce AG Germany


On 27 June 2022, LeaseForce AG turned its Munich office space into an event location to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary with employees and a selection of long-standing partners and customers. Looking back with pride on the milestones achieved in recent years, the company had many reasons to celebrate. The focus, however, was clearly on the great desire to get back into personal contact to partners and customers after this long phase of social distance and to enjoy a relaxed and cheerful evening together.

“As a leasing company operating throughout Germany, we communicate with customers and partners on a daily basis, but as a rule we hardly ever see them directly in our office,” says Max Kühner, initiator and founder of the first hour. “After the long period of social distancing, we really wanted to welcome our guests right there where LeaseForce is at home.” The Munich office was converted into an event location with two bars, five catering stations and a centrally located stage in order to offer the almost 300 guests a pleasant evening with an interesting programme. The concept worked, the atmosphere was great and the guests celebrated happily into the night.

The event was crowned by an extensive show programme with exotic-mystical highlights. The well-known ZDF presenter Karen Webb guided through the evening. Initially, the soap bubble artist Blub created a fascinating lucid world of colourful iridescent filigree bubbles for the young and grown-up guests. However, the young guests were very excited when Shoana entered the stage with her albino tiger python Anubis and her boa constrictor Zeron. The brave Kühner daughters and their friend Klara had a lot of fun lifting Anubis up into the air in all its splendour and size. Sabrina Fackelli inspired the audience with origami art and sand painting as the evening progressed. Disbelief reigned when the charming magician Alana absolutely stunned the guests with her almost unbelievable dexterity and close-up magic.

In his speech, Max Kühner spoke about the very good development of LeaseForce AG Germany and Switzerland, which not only maintained their presence in the market despite the Corona crisis, but also significantly expanded it. Thanks to a stable business in the major competitive markets and specialised expertise in a number of niche markets, LeaseForce AG is extremely well positioned and has enjoyed market leadership in some niche markets for many years.

The entrepreneur-managed LeaseForce AG Germany offers leasing and financing solutions. Mobile objects such as vehicles, machines, capital goods, medical equipment, renewable energy plants, etc. can be financed. LeaseForce’s team of highly experienced leasing specialists offers its business partners sophisticated financing strategies for upcoming investment projects. Close cooperation with lawyers, tax advisors and software developers guarantees the best possible solutions for clients. The workflow system developed in-house for sales leasing guarantees punctuality and reliability in business processing.

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