The price-performance ratio is
excellent & so is the power...

The price-performance ratio is excellent & so is the power...

Just like our financing offers for these powerhouses of the road

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EasyKauf for companions you can rely on

We will be happy to provide you with the perfect EasyKauf solution for an upper mid-range vehicle of your choice. You simply find the attendant that appeals to you with its performance, sportiness and dynamics and we will calculate an attractive financing offer. Thanks to their spacious interior design, the upper midsize class cars are ideally suited for long journeys and will take you safely and comfortably to your next destination, no matter whether you’re planning a business appointment or an excursion with your family. In addition, you will be spoiled with the latest generation of driver assistance systems and thus always have a “co-pilot” on board to get you safely to your desired location. Due to their size and weight, vehicles in the “Performance” category have a very good chassis and impress with their safe grip on the road even at higher speeds. With the EasyKauf financing by LeaseForce, the ride can start in no time!

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Powerful extras

Performance vehicles shine with a striking exterior design and an interior that is both perfectly shaped and functionally optimised just to please the eye and enhance driving pleasure. The many equipment options create space for individuality and perfectly complete the overall picture. Vehicles in the upper mid-range support the driver with sophisticated safety and comfort assistants that, depending on the manufacturer, are barely inferior to the equipment of premium vehicles and sometimes even resemble it. Thus, the driver receives assistance from a variable number of radar sensors, cameras, ultrasonic sensors and laser scanners, which bring him safely through the daily traffic jungle. Just let us know which of these faithful comrades you want to be your company and we will be happy to create the right EasyKauf financing for you.

The best partner for long distances

As unbeatable as our EasyKauf offers, is the comfort that Performance vehicles provide. This is precisely what often qualifies them as classic company cars. After all, the field representative's real work begins once he has reached his destination, where, thanks to the convenience of the Performance vehicles, he can get out in top shape and go about his business. Multi-adjustable comfort seats reduce travel strain and contribute to a sense of well-being. Powerful engines ensure that long distances can be covered quickly. The comprehensive infotainment package helps get through waiting times and serves as a communication hub. With an EasyKauf financing optimised to your needs, the ride can get started quickly.

High level of safety

Vehicles in the Performance category excel with a holistic safety concept. They have highly loadable support structures and generously dimensioned deformation zones. Reinforced side structures, door reinforcements and sturdy seat cross members provide additional protection in the event of side collisions, depending on the manufacturer. Various airbags and modern seat belts ensure maximum safety in an emergency. Technologically sophisticated systems such as ABS, automatic stability and traction control, driving stability systems and brake assistants come into action in dicey situations and help prevent accidents. In combination with LeaseForce’s excellent financing service, this is the ideal choice for your private or business trips.

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